Open season on the fetus, and a good word for the pagans

Jewish World Review Feb. 25, 1999/ 8 Adar, 5759
Paul Greenberg

(JWR) — ( HERE IN ARKANSAS, the Legislature is in session, and its members are being taught the facts of life, or rather of death. They’re learning that in these United States in 1999, any attempt to protect children still in the womb must be oh-so-carefully drawn — lest it offend Roe v. Wade and all the other artifacts of our culture of death.

Look what happened the other day: A state representative from little Sulphur Springs up in the hills, Jim Hendren, was pushing a bill through the Arkansas House that would recognize the fetus as a person in order to afford the unborn some legal protection. But he had to be sure to specify that the unborn would be protected against only illegal acts — in order to assure that his bill would be constitutional. For it is now perfectly legal, indeed it is now a constitutionally protected right, to destroy life in the womb.

Some may shy from the word, but abortion has become almost a sacrament of political platforms, speeches and mailings, though the more fastidious euphemize it as a Woman’s Right to Choose. No need to go into detail about just what is being chosen. (Death.)

The law may protect the eagle’s eggs in their nest, or provide damages if a cow loses its calf in utero, but legislators are told they dare not provide the same protection for homo sapiens.


Paul Greenberg is the editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.