About Us

The mission of Life Advocacy Resource Project is to rebuild America’s culture of Life at all levels of government by equipping pro-life citizens and spokesmen to persuade the American people with the truth about Life-related public policy and the tragedy of abortion law.

Life Advocacy believes restoration of America’s culture of Life will be achieved only through a better informed electorate. The public’s supposed support for the anti-life agendas of readily available abortions, utilitarian medical experimentation and quality-of-life approaches to disability, stems largely from misperceptions about the radical nature both of the so-called “pro-choice,” biotech and right-to-die lobbies and of current laws on abortion and medical decision-making in America. Average citizens are deceived because the anti-Life lobbies and their media accomplices have effectively clouded the true issues. Restoring justice and mercy to our nation’s laws requires a change of mind, along with a change of heart. The most certain way to change minds is relentless truth telling through strategic rhetoric and appeal.

Life Advocacy’s operation has two principal arms:

Winning with Life persuasive communication training seminars, coaching pro-life candidates, officeholders and campaign staff and, at the same time, pro-life citizens who desire to be more effective in persuading their secular acquaintances or general audiences.

Our weekly Life Advocacy Briefing, designed to equip pro-life readers to engage challenges and opportunities in the public policy arena, offering principled, strategic perspectives as well as timely news. The bulletin averages four pages and is distributed to subscribers via electronic mail, fax and postal mail.

Life Advocacy is a 501/c/4 non-profit organization supported chiefly by donors who share the vision for a confident, aggressive pro-life movement, as well as by subscription fees for Life Advocacy Briefing.

The founders of Life Advocacy Resource Project – Penny Pullen and Kevin Burnette – bring unique perspectives from their personal and professional experiences interacting with issues of Life in the public policy arena. Together they developed and present Life Advocacy’s six-hour Winning with Life Seminar.

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