Life Advocacy Briefing

October 18, 2010

Correction to our House Voting Record Index

OUR APOLOGIES! The compilation of our Voting Record Index is our most challenging Life Advocacy Briefing of the year. We work diligently to present it without error, but dealing with 535+ records on 36 roll calls is challenging indeed!

We are grateful to Mary Lou Gartner of People Concerned for the Unborn Child in Pittsburgh for calling to our attention an error in our House Voting Record Index as respects the record of Rep. Jason Altmire (D).

In listing Rep. Altmire among those voting “Mostly Pro-Life – Voting ‘pro-life’ on all but 1 to 5 roll calls when voting,” we did list him in the proper category but erred in citing “House Passage of Reid/ObamaCare” as one of the four roll calls on which he cast an anti-Life vote (on March 21, 2010).  Rep. Altmire voted “no” on that roll call, which was a pro-Life vote.  He did, however, vote “anti-Life” on the “Rule for consideration of House passage of Senate version of ObamaCare” (also on March 21). We failed to list that anti-Life vote, listing “Roll Call J,” when we meant to list “Roll Call I.” We regret the error. The number of his anti-Life votes does, however, stand at four.

While reviewing the records – and our Index citations – of various Pennsylvania lawmakers in response to Mrs. Gartner’s inquiry, we did find one additional error. We listed Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper (D) as “Conflicted – Voting ‘pro-life’ on 6 roll calls; otherwise “anti-Life.” In reality, she should have been listed as “Mostly Anti-Life – Voting “pro-Life” on fewer than half the roll calls.” Because she did not vote on “Roll Call E,” the Pence Amendment defunding Planned Parenthood, her six anti-Life votes constituted more than half the votes she cast. She voted pro-Life five times out of 12, voting anti-Life six times and not voting on “Pence.”

If other readers find us in error on our Index or on facts we publish in other editions of Life Advocacy Briefing, we invite your call (888/344-LIFE) or e-mail message ([email protected]) to inquire or to correct our information. Whenever we recognize that an error has been made, we do endeavor to publish a correction as expeditiously as feasible.


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