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July 11, 2011 – Independence Day!

Time for Congressional Hearings / Court Upholds ‘Individual Mandate’
/ Gov. Christie Defunds Planned Parenthood, Again /
Texas Defunds the Abortion Behemoth / Metastasis / Suspending Common Sense
Indiana Curbing Abortions / Tracking Progress in the States / UN to the Rescue?

Time for Congressional Hearings

AMERICANS UNITED FOR LIFE (A.U.L.) LAST WEEK CALLED ON CONGRESS to investigate Planned Parenthood after releasing “a groundbreaking analysis of the nation’s largest abortion business,” according to the pro bono pro-life legal firm’s July 7, 2011, AUL Bench Briefs newsletter, “following years of AUL legal team research poring over more than 20 years of Planned Parenthood records, law enforcement reports and other materials.

“The report details evidence,” reports Bench Briefs, “of systemic financial irregularities within the abortion giant, which receives more than $363 million in taxpayer funding each year.

“‘Americans United for Life is calling for a Congressional investigation and hearings into the nation’s largest abortion provider,’ said AUL president and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest,” quoted in Bench Briefs. “‘This report,’” she said, “‘provides the intellectual foundation for an investigation of Planned Parenthood as well as revealing gaps in the information available to the American taxpayer, who is forced to subsidize the politically powerful abortion industry.’”

She noted that large majorities of voters “‘agree that they don’t want their tax monies subsidizing the abortion industry. This,’” she said, “‘is a bipartisan budget cut available for Congress and every state.’ …

“‘It is time,’” said Dr. Yoest in the newsletter, “‘to find out what happens behind Planned Parenthood’s closed doors and to receive full accounting for the funds taken from American taxpayers to support the abortion industry.’”


Court Upholds ‘Individual Mandate’

A PANEL OF FEDERAL APPELLATE JUDGES HAS UPHELD the federal government’s alleged power to require every American citizen to purchase medical insurance.

The first appellate ruling on ObamaCare was handed down in the 6th Circuit, which Pacific Justice Institute president Brad Dacus called “a very liberal circuit. It is not surprising to any of us in the legal profession,” he said, quoted by Focus on the Family’s CitizenLink, “to see them come down with this decision that was in favor of the healthcare reform [sic] law.”

CitizenLink’s Catherine Snow quotes constitutional scholar and Ethics & Public Policy Center president Ed Whelan, cautioning those who are putting all their hopes in a court rejection of ObamaCare’s “individual mandate,” however rooted in a true reading of the Constitution such an expectation might be.

“‘ObamaCare’s opponents must consider seriously the possibility,’” Mr. Whelan said in CitizenLink, “‘that these arguments may not even muster four votes in the Supreme Court. They must avoid bragging that the courts will finish off the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act,’” he advised, “‘lest they sow complacency among Members of Congress and the voting public.

“‘Above all,’” he said – and we at Life Advocacy agree – “‘they must keep their focus on 2012 and the political and policy ground games. In the end, a legislative appeal – signed by a President who supports [repeal] – remains the surest way to undo ObamaCare.’”


Gov. Christie Defunds Planned Parenthood, Again

FOR NEW JERSEY GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, it’s getting to be a habit. Every time the legislature tries to dump taxpayers’ money into the pockets of Planned Parenthood, the GOP governor gets out his trusty veto pen.

Again last Thursday, Gov. Christie “vetoed an attempt by the state legislature to restore $7.5 million in state family planning funds,” reports Peter J. Smith for, “that could be used by abortion provider Planned Parenthood.”

The veto was part of the governor’s slash of more than $1.3 billion in “extra spending demanded by the Democrat-controlled legislature.” And observers predict the votes are not there to override him.

Thursday’s action is at least the fourth time Gov. Christie has turned back a bid by the legislature to award funding to Planned Parenthood, reports Mr. Smith, “including an attempt to restore funding through a Medicaid expansion. The governor had previously explained,” reports LifeSiteNews, “that he saw no reason for New Jerseyans to shell out tax dollars for family planning clinics at a time of fiscal crisis for the state, when the clinics were still funded by the federal government.”

In signature style, Gov. Christie rebuked the legislature’s chief advocate for Planned Parenthood funding after State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D) called into a radio program in May “accusing the governor,” reports Mr. Smith, “of compromising women’s access to health care by withdrawing funds that, among other things, would affect the operation of Planned Parenthood.

“‘I don’t think it’s been in the best interest of the state for Sen. Weinberg to be around mischaracterizing women’s access to health care,’ responded [Gov.] Christie,” quoted by Mr. Smith. “‘Women still have extensive access to health care all across the state of New Jersey through other clinics that are still open,’” he noted, “‘and federally qualified health clinics which the state funds in the tens of millions of dollars every year.’”


Texas Defunds the Abortion Behemoth

TEXAS HAS CHOSEN DIVERSION as its means of defunding Planned Parenthood, sending “$47 million in tax funds,” reports Charlie Butts for, “to other organizations that provide medical services to poor women.

“‘This legislation particularly takes away funding from groups that provide abortions and are affiliates for abortions,’” said Liberty Institute’s Jonathan Saenz, quoted by Mr. Butts, “‘and it also prioritizes family planning money in a way that it goes to organizations that provide comprehensive health care for women in the state of Texas, which Planned Parenthood does not do.’”



IOWA-BASED PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF THE HEARTLAND IS SPREADING to Arkansas and Oklahoma by merging with Planned Parenthood of Arkansas & Eastern Oklahoma. The “merger” appears to be a takeover by the aggressive Iowa outfit, which pioneered the use of computers for remote control – “telemed” – chemical abortions.

The “newly merged regional Planned Parenthood office,” reports James Jefferson for Arkansas News Bureau, “will review current services and demand before deciding whether to expand abortion services in the state [Arkansas], an official of the group said [Tuesday].”

Arkansas Right to Life responded with two Wednesday news conferences warning “the move likely would expand abortions in the state and bring ‘webcam’ abortions to the region,” writes Mr. Jefferson. After all, abortion is Planned Parenthood’s most lucrative “service,” and telemed, or webcam, abortions top the charts in their profit schemes.

Said Jill June, interim president of the outfit, in a bulk e-mail quoted by Mr. Jefferson, “the merger [is] ‘about the future: The future of a woman and her family to access health care; the future of medicine delivery through technology and the quality services provided by Planned Parenthood.’”

Arkansas and Oklahoma state lawmakers – and legislators in every state, for that matter – would do well to address the telemed abortion scheme in the same way Nebraska did this year: by outlawing it.


Suspending Common Sense

JUST AS KANSAS WAS SHUTTING DOWN ABORTUARIES to enforce the state’s new law setting minimal safety standards to protect abortion customers, US District Judge Carlos reissued an order suspending the law’s effect while litigation is pending to challenge its validity.

Planned Parenthood’s Overland Park shop had won license renewal – seemingly via negotiations with state health authorities – upon the new law’s June 30 deadline, but competitors Center for Women’s Health [sic] in Overland Park and Aid for Women [sic] abortuary in Kansas City were unable to comply or even to buy time. Instead of cleaning up their operations, the two abortion shops chose instead to file suit against the new law. Thanks to Judge Murguia, they will be able to remain open for business while pressing their case in court.

The regulations include a mandate, reports Peter J. Smith for, “that abortionists have privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion clinic and that clinics be fitted with drugs and equipment to deal with a medical crisis. The regulations specify dimensions and temperature settings for operating rooms and recovery areas,” Mr. Smith adds, “and require that hallways and doorways be retrofitted to allow easy transport of patients on medical gurneys.” Abortionists planning to commit more than five elective abortions per month are required by the new law to secure an annual license from the State Dept. of Health & Environment.

Though the regulations are obvious and minimal for surgical operating settings, the abortuary plaintiffs, reports Mr. Smith, “insisted [the health and safety regulations] were designed to shut down the abortion clinics rather than to guard women’s safety.” (What’s wrong with both?)


Indiana Curbing Abortions

THOUGH A FEDERAL JUDGE HAS SUSPENDED Indiana’s defunding of Planned Parenthood during the lawsuit challenging the state’s authority, further provisions of Indiana’s new abortion-regulating statutes have taken effect as of July 1.

Highlights, presented in a news release from Indiana Right to Life, are:

  • “Women must be informed that human physical life begins at fertilization;
  • “ Indiana will opt out of abortion coverage in any state health exchange required under the new federal health law passed by Congress in 2010;
  • “Pain-capable children beginning at 20-weeks gestational age will enjoy enhanced protection;
  • “All abortions on girls under the age of 14 must be reported to child protective services within three days of the abortion in order to facilitate prompt investigation into child sexual abuse;
  • “Women must be informed that abortion may increase the risk of infertility, infection or hemorrhaging;
  • “Doctors who do abortions in Indiana must have local hospital admitting privileges, provide medical licensing numbers and provide emergency contact information to women having abortions;
  • “Women considering abortion must be informed about Indiana’s safe haven law that allows for mothers who decide to carry their children to term but are unable to care for their children to leave them with safe haven providers, such as local police, without criminal repercussions.”


Tracking Progress in the States

FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL HAS ISSUED a 28-page State Pro-Family Legislative Report for 2011, covering pro-life and pro-family legislation in the states. Those wishing to read the report can find it online at Or contact Family Research Council at 1-800/225-4008.

U.N. to the Rescue?

July 7, 2011, Friday Fax from Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-Fam), by Samantha Singson

UN agencies have stepped up funding of International Planned Parenthood Federation [IPPF] despite an economic downturn and increasing government reticence to fund the organization over abortion.

Although governments have reduced or eliminated funding of Planned Parenthood, UN agencies are still filling IPPF coffers with grants. In 2010, UNFPA [the UN Population Fund] increased its contribution to over $1.6 million. The newest UN agency, UN Women, debuted on IPPF’s list of donors with a contribution of over $330,000. UNAIDS [UN Programme on HIV/AIDS] gave IPPF more than $1 million. Rounding out contributions from UN agencies, the World Bank, UNAIDS and the WHO [World Health Org.] also gave over $400,000 collective[ly], despite not contributing at all in 2009.

While UN agencies gave more, governments gave less. Government grants, which comprise 71% of IPPF’s total income were down in 2010. Blaming the global recession, IPPF reported that Japan, Sweden and Germany had reduced their grants.

Most of IPPF’s funding decrease was due to the Canadian government’s decision not to fund the organization in 2010, a decision totaling over $5 million. The Canadian federal government is still debating IPPF’s funding for 2011 and as of April, no decision on IPPF’s grant application had been made. Similarly, in the US a growing number of US state governments have decided to defund Planned Parenthood.

IPPF is reporting a $16 million decrease in income in 2010. In its recently released 2010 financial report, the abortion industry giant reported the loss represented 11% of its total annual income as compared with the previous year.

For the most part, the reduction of income led to a reduction in IPPF program spending, but the organization did increase its funding for advocacy work [read: lobbying] in 2010. IPPF specifically touted its 2010 UN advocacy that pushed for “progressive language in key UN documents.”

IPPF’s advocacy seems to have worked both in terms of funding from UN agencies and in policy. References to [Millennium Development Goals – MDG] “target 5b” in both the outcome document of the UN [MDG] Summit and the Global Strategy on Women’s & Children’s Health – and five UN agencies – contributed to IPPF’s coffers in 2010.

IPPF’s UN work focused on promoting the hotly contested MDG target 5b on “universal access to reproductive health by 2015.” IPPF actively lobbied for inclusion of “reproductive health” in the 2010 MDG review summit and was also given privileged status at key UN meetings in 2010.

As a UN keynote speaker, IPPF’s executive director, Dr. Gill Greer, pushed UN member states to “prioritize sexual and reproductive health and rights, particularly for young people.” IPPF continued its partnership with UNFPA in 2010, co-hosting a side event targeting adolescents.

IPPF will continue to advocate for the inclusion of reproductive health in the new MDG framework as it is negotiated this year and has promised to be active at key events such as the G-20 meetings and the World Bank and aid effectiveness meeting in Korea.

Despite the decreased income, IPPF’s most current figures still have the organization providing a record number of “abortion-related services” totaling over 1,411,000 and distributing a staggering 152 million condoms.