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August 15, 2022

Judicial Nomination Battle Ignited
Federal Abortion Funding Built into Massive Spending Bill
Fanatic in Chief / The Biden Abortion Obsession / Ready on the Switch
Mayor Lightfoot Chimes In / Indiana Breaking Through
Digging In / Nice Try / Surprised?

Judicial Nomination Battle Ignited

PRES. BIDEN HAS NOMINATED to the Boston-based 1st Circuit Court of Appeals a lawyer who represented the Jackson Women’s Health Center abortuary in the recent Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, according to Cassy Fiano-Chesser, reporting for Live Action. The nominee is Julie Rikelman, and her nomination was lumped in with several others. The list was not accompanied by a Presidential statement.

The red-hot nominee is senior litigation director for the Center for Reproductive Rights. “According to her profile on the abortion advocacy organization’s website,” writes Mrs. Chesser, “she has dedicated her career to promoting and defending abortion.”

Chirped leftwing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), quoted by Mrs. Chesser, “‘At a time when reproductive rights are under attack, Julie Rikelman is an exceptional nominee for this moment.’”

Calls are in order, even now while Senators are in recess; staff are on duty. Capitol switchboard: 1-202/224-3121. In addition to our readers’ home-state Senators, we encourage calls to Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV), Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). This one is a bridge too far.


Federal Abortion Funding Built into Massive Spending Bill

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, yes, the latest boondoggle spending bill passed by the Senate in mid-August, with House passage expected as this is being written, does have abortion implications. (Why let a massive spending bill go to waste?)

“The bill,” reports LifeSiteNews, “extends through 2025 tax credits for Obamacare premiums that were previously set to expire at the end of 2022, thereby extending subsidies for health insurance plans that cover abortion.”

Veteran pro-life citizens may recall that when ObamaCare was enacted, its passage was secured by a White House promise to then-Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) that the Hyde Amendment would be respected and abortion would not be covered. The support of the pro-life Democrat was key, because he was leading a small group of Democratic lawmakers who – back in the day – were pro-life and held out their support for their party’s President’s signature boondoggle. The folding of the Stupak group became the key to passage of the massive takeover of health care in America, and the promise was never kept.


Fanatic in Chief

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN SIGNED AN EXECUTIVE ORDER in July “aimed,” reports Katie Yoder for Catholic News Agency, “at protecting abortion access” following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision.

“‘This is a choice,’ he said,” reports Ms. Yoder, “before signing the order July 8. ‘A moment to restore the rights that have been taken away from us, and the moment to protect our nation from an extremist agenda that is antithetical to everything we believe as Americans.’” Really?

“The order directs the HHS, among other things,” writes Ms. Yoder, “to protect and expand access to contraception and abortion, particularly abortion drugs. It also calls for bringing together pro bono lawyers whose services could include ‘protecting the right to travel out of state to seek medical care.’ [sic] The administration also promises to protect patients seeking abortion as well as providers and clinics providing abortion, including ‘mobile clinics, which have been deployed to borders to offer care for out-of-state patients,’ the fact sheet reads.” Does this mean our federal tax dollars are going to be used for pop-up abortuaries along state borders?

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) suggested in a meeting with the President on July 1, reports Illinois Federation for Right to Life, attributing Capitol Fax as source, “Pritzker asked the federal government to create abortion clinics on federal land, make sure abortion pills are made available for distribution through the US Postal Service, create a communication network for abortion businesses to help them manage an influx of patients and increase federal funding for abortions.”

Demonstrating political fanaticism, the President said, while crowing about his order in the Yoder report, “‘We cannot allow an out-of-control Supreme Court working in conjunction with extremist elements of the Republican Party to take away freedoms and our personal autonomy.’” Since when is the Supreme Court supposed to be under “control,” and just whose “control” is the high court supposed to kowtow to? And when did it become “extreme” to honor and fulfill our nation’s Declaration of Independence?


The Biden Abortion Obsession

THE PRESIDENT HAS NOW SIGNED ANOTHER EXECUTIVE ORDER – Aug. 3 – allowing states to use Medicaid funds to cover the killing of unborn children when their mothers cross state lines to get rid of them, despite the long-standing Hyde Amendment, which bars federal Medicaid funding for abortion.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the conflict with law under Hyde at a press briefing following the signing. Ms. Jean-Pierre answered, reports Edie Heipel for Catholic News Agency, “‘We’re going to leave it to HHS to come up with the details on the specifics on how they’re going to work with states – if a state asks for a waiver – and what that’s going to look like.’” Oh, that explains it, huh.


Ready on the Switch

EVEN BEFORE THE PRESIDENT DIRECTED H.H.S. to step up its abortion advocacy, the Department posted a new website on June 24, the day Dobbs was handed down by the Supreme Court, seeking to promote abortion and contraception. tells women and girls,” reports Nancy Flanders for Live Action, “that they have a ‘right to access abortion’ and warns them that since Roe has been overruled, the level of abortion access is going to vary more than before, from state to state.” The website had been prepared after the draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito was leaked in early May so that its posting could coincide with the Dobbs finding that there is no right to abortion in the Constitution.


Mayor Lightfoot Chimes In

CHICAGO’s NOTORIOUS MAYOR, LORI LIGHTFOOT (D), SIGNED AN ORDER in late July, reports Bridget Sielicki for Live Action, “in which she announced that the city will be prevented from aiding another jurisdiction in imposing a civil or criminal liability against an abortionist.

“The order will also,” adds Ms. Sielicki, “protect anyone who travels to Chicago from another state in order to procure an abortion.” A city which is suffering a fall-off in tourism because of its growing reputation for lawlessness is now seeking to boost “tourism” through the abortion racket.


Indiana Breaking Through

THE 7th CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS last month ruled, reports National Right to Life News, “that Indiana can immediately begin enforcing a law requiring the notification of the parents of minor who obtain abortions – a law previously enjoined by a federal district court before it could ever go into effect.”

The law requires notification even in cases where a minor has secured permission from a court to abort her child. The judicial bypass is provided for in the state’s parental consent law and, until the notification law took effect, left parents completely out of the picture. The law now excludes notification only in extraordinary cases where a “juvenile court,” explains NRL News, “finds that it would endanger the well-being of the minor. …

“Since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24,” notes NRL News, “Atty. Gen. Rokita has secured three earlier wins for Indiana pro-life laws.” A federal district court on July 7 lifted its “injunction on dismemberment abortions,” reports NRL News, “which occur well into an unborn baby’s development.

“Then, on July 11,” the report notes, “a US appellate court vacated judgments in the Whole Woman’s Health Alliance v. Rokita case that had invalidated several other Indiana laws protecting unborn children and the health of their mothers.

“On July 18, a US district court vacated a judgment against an Indiana law,” reports NRL News, “prohibiting abortions sought on the basis of the unborn child’s race, sex or disability.

“‘I look forward to working together with all Hoosiers of good will to continue building a culture of life in Indiana,’ Atty. Gen. Rokita” – a former Member of Congress – “said,” quoted by NRL News. “‘Let it be clear that we value the life of every individual, born and unborn. Let us work to ensure that everyone has the best possible chance at the best possible life, and certainly let us give special priority and emphasis to the mothers bringing these children into the world. Truly,’” he said, “‘the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.’”


Digging In

WHILE LOUISIANA’s ATTORNEY GENERAL, former US Rep. Jeff Landry (R), carries on a court battle to secure some judge’s acquiescence in the legality of Louisiana’s abortion ban – now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned – the major of New Orleans is doubling down on her determination, notes Bridget Sielicki, reporting for Live Action, to “‘protect the reproductive rights of women throughout the City of New Orleans.’”

In her fanaticism, Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) and her city council members may have cost their residents dearly, jeopardizing state infrastructure aid just as hurricane season is underway. After the council voted July 7 to prohibit police and other city officials, reports Ms. Sielicki, “from using public funds or resources to enforce [Louisiana’s anti-abortion] trigger law,” Atty. Gen. Landry “requested … that the state treasurer and bond commissioner withhold funds from the city. …

“‘In light of the city’s open defiance of the will of the people of Louisiana,’” he said, quoted by Live Action, “‘I urge the Bond Commission to defer any applications for the City of New Orleans, Orleans Parish and any local governmental entity or political subdivision under its purview. In addition,’” he said, “‘any other funding that will directly benefit the City of New Orleans should also be paused until such time as the Council, Mayor, Police Chief, Sheriff and District Attorney have met with and affirmed that they will comply with and enforce the laws of this state and cooperate with any state officials who may be called upon to enforce them.’”

After noting the potential effect on New Orleans, Mayor Cantrell doubled down, declaring, “‘Regardless of the outcome, my administration will continue to prioritize the needs of our residents, which includes … protecting the reproductive rights of women throughout the City of New Orleans.’”

By the way, does anything else find it ironic that the abortion cartel’s apologists constantly use the term “reproductive rights,” when they actually demand some alleged right not to reproduce?


Nice Try

THE CITY OF ST. LOUIS HAS ESTABLISHED a “Reproductive Equity Fund,” reports Clare Marie Merkowsky for LifeSiteNews, to facilitate abortions of Missouri-resident unborn children in other states, now that abortion is officially a crime in Missouri. The $1.5 million allocation is in an account which is funded by federal grants to the city.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R) promptly responded to the move by filing a lawsuit against the city, noting that inducing an abortion in the state is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

“On June 24, Missouri became the first state to criminalize abortion,” notes Ms. Merkowsky. GOP Gov. Mike Parson and the attorney general, she reports, “signed proclamations activating Missouri’s Right to Life of the Unborn Child Act within minutes of the Dobbs decision” being handed down by the US Supreme Court. “The Act prohibits all abortions unless a medical condition is deemed to ‘necessitate’ an abortion to avoid the mother’s death or ‘substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function,’ based on a physician’s ‘reasonable medical judgment.’ …

“If the Reproductive Equity Fund is distributed according to [the new St. Louis ordinance],” writes Ms. Merkowsky, “public employees will be encouraging or assisting abortion, which is in violation of [the newly activated state law], according to the lawsuit.”

Abortuaries in neighboring Illinois, where all pro-life statutes have been repealed by the liberal-dominated legislature and Gov. J.G. Pritzker (D), have been advertising in St. Louis to lure customers across the Mississippi River.



July 29, 2022, commentary by National Right to Life News editor Dave Andrusko

             The results of the latest Washington Post-Schar School poll on abortion, released today, finds Prof. Mark Rozell “struggl[ing] to wrap my head around this disconnect. …

             “Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the end of Roe v. Wade represents a ‘major loss of rights’ for women, a Washington Post-Schar School poll finds, but those who support abortion access are less certain they will vote this fall – a sign of the challenges facing Democrats who hope the issue will motivate their base in the midterms,” report the Post’s Hannah Knowles, Emily Buskin and Scott Clement.

             “The poll also provides evidence of an enthusiasm problem for Democrats: Those who reject the idea that the court’s ruling is a loss for women are 18 percentage points more likely to express certainty they will vote in the midterms – 70% compared with 52% of those who do see such a loss, according to the Post – Schar School poll conducted July 22 to 24. Democrats and women, especially younger women, are particularly uncertain they will vote. About one in three women under 40 are sure they will cast a ballot even as they have strong concerns about rollbacks in abortion access. ‘Is the discontent with Democratic Party leadership and policies generally so deep that those most affected by the Court decision … still plan to sit out this election?’ said Mark Rozell, dean of the Schar School of Policy & Government at George Mason University, who worked on the poll. ‘I struggle to wrap my head around this disconnect.’”

             There are many reasons for this “disconnect.” The public, by and large, doesn’t yet realize that the Dobbs decision returns the abortion issue to the states. In fact, this is democracy in action.

             The abortion lobby has already unloaded its first stream of tough cases. The goal, obviously, is to paint pro-lifers as uncaring, as if killing an unborn baby is the model of sensitivity.

             And, naturally, pregnancy help centers, which work faithfully to help both mother and children, get short shrift. They offer the ultimate in offering win-win solutions.

             Finally, the “enthusiasm gap” is as old as the abortion wars. Single-issue pro-lifers are much more likely to vote than single-issue pro-abortionists. In this poll, “Those who reject the idea that the Court’s ruling is a loss for women are 18 percentage points more likely to express certainty they will vote in the midterms – 70% compared with 52% of those who do see such a loss.”

             And finally, according to the Post story: “Republicans are the most confident they will vote: 74% say they will definitely do so, compared to 62% of Democrats and 53% of independents. Americans who say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases are also more likely to say they will definitely vote than those who say abortion should be legal, by 11 points.”