In the Wake of the Dobbs ruling

June 25, 2022

The Supreme Court has acted at long last to overturn the Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey rulings that have thwarted the will of the American people and undermined the very fabric of our heritage. We are thankful.

The abortion issue now moves from the courts to the state legislatures, where it belonged all along. Now is the time for all pro-life candidates to be especially prepared for the ensuing debate, equipped with the facts and truth inherent in simply standing “for life.”

At the same time, we are mindful that a huge cartel has been built around Roe’s legalization of the killing of developing human babies. We call on America’s pro-life candidates to educate themselves, do the homework, and practice stating and defending their positions in front of strangers. Candidates should learn how to distinguish themselves from their opponents on the legislative initiatives designed to protect vulnerable mothers and babies.

We urge careful word choice in expressing truths underlying the abortion debate. The right words will assist voters “on the fence” to recognize which candidate favors the right to Life and embraces virtues still admired by Americans. Candidates who claim to be “pro-choice” are actual advocates for killing unborn children. Abortion, after all, is not health care.