Gov. Palin on “the Culture of Life”

Text of Oct. 11, 2008, remarks by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, GOP Vice Presidential nominee, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

… In this same spirit, as defenders of the culture of Life, John McCain and I believe in the goodness and potential of every innocent life. I believe the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and speak for themselves. And who is more vulnerable or more innocent than a child?

When I learned that my son Trig would have special needs, I had to prepare my heart for the challenges to come. At first I was scared, and Todd and I had to ask for strength and understanding. But I can tell you a few things I’ve learned already.

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The Palin Phenomenon

The Palin phenomenon – the immediate embrace of Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin by vast numbers of voters, energizing them into the 2008 political campaign – is not hard to grasp if one understands one essential truth about the American voter: People are hungry for authenticity.

In Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, they are seeing “the real deal,” a woman with such an open face, such a guileless demeanor that their usual skepticism is disarmed.

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Planned Parenthood Celebration Jolted by Abortion Survivor

By Ted Harvey, in 2006 a Member of the Colorado House of Representatives, now a State Senator
Reprinted from Catholic Education Resource Center

I want to share with you an awesome experience I had in the Colorado House of Representatives on May 8 [2006]. It is a humbling experience to look back and realize that God used me to play a role in His divine orchestration.

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Open season on the fetus, and a good word for the pagans

Jewish World Review Feb. 25, 1999/ 8 Adar, 5759
Paul Greenberg

(JWR) — (http://www.jewishworldreview.com) HERE IN ARKANSAS, the Legislature is in session, and its members are being taught the facts of life, or rather of death. They’re learning that in these United States in 1999, any attempt to protect children still in the womb must be oh-so-carefully drawn — lest it offend Roe v. Wade and all the other artifacts of our culture of death.

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